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What is a worm farm ?

In the domestic household context, a worm farm is a green kitchen waste management mechanism, similar to a compost system, that facilitates the inclusion and upkeep of compost worms into the green waste management and recycling process. In essence, a worm farm is an organised and systematic application of technology, where the role of the compost worm is centrally recognised in assisting with best practice operational efficiency of green waste management and recycling. This contrasts with just operating a compost system, where the role of worms and the conditions under which they survive and thrive is less recognised and understood.

Within a worm farm or compost system, the primary role of the compost worm, is to consume green and other organic waste ( vegetable and food scraps etc ... ) and produce rich worm compost known as worm castings. Worm castings are also know as worm humus, worm manure, vermicompost or vermicast. Worm castings are the end product of the breakdown of your green waste and other organic matter, consumed by compost worms.

A prime purpose of a domestic worm farm, is to reduce the amount of green waste that goes to landfill, which can result in harmful greenhouse emissions being released into our environment. Further more, the worm compost by product of worm farms and compost systems in general is beneficial to your garden. Worm farms can have the added benefit of being able to produce a liquid worm castings based concentrated fertilizer. Worm farming as opposed to just composting, places a greater emphasis on the importance of providing the optimal living environment for compost worms, to help facilitate more efficient and effective composting of your green waste.

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