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What is a compost worm ?

Generally speaking
Generally speaking, a compost worm is a worm that lives in your compost or worm farm system. A compost worm has specifically evolved to consume organic waste. The by-product of consumption of organic matter by compost worms, is known as worm manure. Worm manure is also known as worm castings, worm humus, vermicompost or vermicast. Compost worms differ from earth worms that live in your garden.

Compost worms thrive under certain conditions that are optimally created in the types of environments that are emulated by composting and worm farm systems. Such conditions are dark, warm, moist, yet sufficiently aerated to allow the optimum decomposition of organic waste which provides an ideal food source for compost worms.

Common names of compost worms include Red Worm (or Redworm), Red Wiggler, Manure Worm, Brandling Worm and Tiger Worm. Eudrilus eugeniae is a lesser known/used tropical composting (and bait) worm, known as the African Nightcrawler

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