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Advice about buying compost worms

Buying Worms

When purchasing compost worms, we highly recommend you also purchase a proper worm farm, unless you have an existing compost bin for housing your worms. Simply putting compost worms on a compost heap in your garden will likely yield disappointing results. 

Part of the reasoning behind this advice, is that if your compost heap was an ideal environment for compost worms, they would already exist there and would be thriving. If you have a compost heap without worms, then there may be other issues going on and simply placing new compost worms on your compost heap, might not yield the results you desire. On the other hand using a proper worm farm that is designed especially for providing an optimal living environment for compost worms and their reproduction, is highly recommended.

To get the best return on your investment in compost worms, you need to provide your worms with ideal living conditions. When it comes to providing an optimal living environment for your compost worms, some compost bins can do a good job, worm farms can do a great job ! If you want to breed worms, a worm farm will typically yield the best results. You can always sell them to your neighbours too !

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