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What do compost worms eat ?

What worms like to eat

Compost worms can consume most of your house hold organic kitchen waste,  yard trimmings, lawn clippings, and old news papers and scrap paper. Ideally worm feed should be hand chopped up or shredded. 

Do not use a vitamiser / food pureer / food processor, unless it has a very course setting and can be run slowly. If you over-process the food waste, this can produce too much liquid and make the compost too wet and patchy. This can also result in food waste rotting before its had a chance to be processed by your worms. Where possible, it's best to cut, tear or shred your organic waste into small pieces.  

It's best that the organic waste be distributed evenly through your compost. The ideal ratio of green waste from vegetable, grass and other green matter, as opposed to brown dry waste ( leaves, bark, sawdust, cardboard, paper etc ... ) is abut 2 to 1 in favour of greens.




- Plate scrapings (cooked vegetables and stewed fruit leftovers)
- Fruit peelings  ( avoid onions / garlic family, orange peel, lemon peel and other citrus peels )
- Vegetable scraps and peelings ( not raw onions )
- Hair clippings and vacuum cleaner dust
- Stale biscuits and cakes
- Coffee grounds and tea bags
- Crushed egg shells
- Saw dust
- Soaked cardboard

- Other food scraps

- Well aged horse and chicken, dog and cat manures ( must not have been wormed in at least a month )

- Shredded Newspaper ( in moderation )



How can I help the worms to eat more ?
- Avoid acidic foods ( avoid onions / garlic family, orange peel, lemon peel and other citrus peels )

- Manage the Temperature ( around 22 Celsius ), PH ( around 7 to 8 ) and moisture levels ( approx 30% )


What should I NOT feed the worms ?
- Human facies
- Acidic foods ( such as onions, citrus fruits, garlic, shallots etc... )

- Hot Spicy Foods ( Chillies, Capsicums )
- Garden waste, shrubs etc...
- Dairy products

- Bones ( take too long to break down )
- Meat & Fish ( attracts flies and maggots, so best compost this in a separate garden compost and it has to be well buried toward the centre of the compost about 10 cm deep and cut up small !  )

Note:  Be careful not to overfeed your worms. Remember, worms have small mouths and don't have teeth !  Under ideal conditions compost worms can eat around half their own body weight in a day, sometimes more.

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