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How fast do compost worms grow ?

What worms like to eat

Compost worms breed about every 10 days and the population in a worm farm can double every 3 months under an ideal living environment. Under ideal worm farm conditions compost worms can eat around half their own body weight in a day, sometimes more.  


Thus if you have 2 kg of compost worms in your worm farm, then typically add around 1 kg of new green waste per day to your worm farm or compost bin.  Our general advice is aim at establishing 1 kg of compost worms per person in your household. Thus say for a household of 5 people, you would aim at establishing a 5 kg population of compost worms over the long term.


You can either buy the required number of kilograms of compost worms, or simply buy a starter population and breed them up over time,  to the required amount to meet your family's needs. After that, you can harvest your compost worms and sell them to your neighbours !


See the below compost worm growth chart to give you an idea of their population growth, depending on the number of Kilograms of compost worms you start with.


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