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Composting Toilets and Worm Farms

You need compost worms to manage human waste

It's possible to use compost worms to help manage human waste / manure / faces / excreta etc... from your composting toilet,  however this activity is not recommended for the novice worm farmer.  You need to age the human waste before placing it on your compost heap. Using fresh human manure may be too hot for the compost worms to consume immediately. If you have an existing compost heap, you can put the human manure that's been well aged in your composting toilet on that, so long as you add other organic matter such as shredded paper, untreated sawdust, leaves, store-bought compost/peat etc... This can help balance it out and kill smells and aerate the compost to assist with the aerobic microbial breakdown of the waste. You can buy worm farms to help composting of human and animal waste. Use only a dedicated worm farm for composting human or animal waste.

Care must be taken with composting human manure. There is a well supported view that human manure should not be composted for use on edible plants, such as vegetables, fruit, herbs etc... It's thought that organisms in compost with human and animal faces can cause illness and also accumulation of heavy metals could be transferred to edible plants, so its best to only use such compost on or near plants that you don't eat and even then make sure it's well aged. Perhaps several months and up to a year depending on how rapidly it breaks down. Having such a system located on a land segment that falls below the rest of your garden also a consideration, to help avoid contaminated flow off when it rains. In essence, although this is technically possible, there is much more to this than meets the eye and a cautious approach should be taken.

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