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What are the ideal environmental conditions for worm farms ?

What are the ideal conditions for worm farms

Three key environmental factors for worm farms are temperature, PH level and moisture level. Being in control of your worm farm environment helps you get the best worm farming results.

The ideal temperature for worm farms ranges from about 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Worms prefer a dark environment, so keep the worm farm well shaded and under cover if possible. If your compost worm farm gets too hot, you can periodically use a trowel to aerate the soil / castings and other organic matter. Carefully dig around, lifting and turning it over slightly. Also spraying water on the top layer of your worm farm can help cool it down. If you have a multi level worm farm you can remove each level and spray water on the top of each layer. Make sure you have good drainage, so your worms don't drown. Keep you worm farm away from the direct sun over the hot summer months.  If your worm farm gets too cold, perhaps bring it under shelter and away from the cold wind. Even bring it inside, perhaps located in your laundry, garage or shed over winter.

The ideal worm farm soil / castings PH ranges from about 7 to 8. Compost Worms don't like an acidic living environment. Some foods such as fruits, grains and sugary foods tend to be acid forming. Worms will not live or breed well in acidic conditions.  A PH scale value of 7.0 is considered neutral. Values higher than 7.0 are increasingly alkaline or basic. Values lower than 7.0 are increasingly acidic. If your soil / castings become too acidic, you can add a little baking soda or Dolomite lime watered in to help raise the PH level and reduce acidity. Dolomite lime is similar to garden lime however it contains a higher percentage of magnesium. Soil fertility is directly influenced by pH through the solubility of many nutrients, so attaining the optimal PH level close to neutral, can help maintain your worm farm castings in optimum condition, for application upon your garden plants. 

The ideal moisture level for worm farms bedding is about. 30% moisture content. Compost Worms cannot tolerate a dry environment and need to be kept constantly moist. Although food scraps provide plenty of moisture for your farm, light spray watering the top of the soil every day or so helps to ensure the soil is constantly moist and provides extra moisture needed for worm tea. Keep your worm farm away from direct sunlight and make sure the worm farm or worm bed is covered, so that it doesn’t get too wet from rain. Make sure your worm farm is well drained. When you squeeze a handful of worm bedding, you only want a few drops of water to run out.  Too much moisture and your worms can drown, so don't over do it !

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