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Worm castings and hydroponics

Worm castings can be used for hydroponics nutrient production. Worm castings are a key ingredient of choice for many hydroponics plant growers and are a natural alternative to chemical based solutions. You can't beat nature at its own game and compost worm castings are one of the best water soluble organic fertilisers available for the hydroponics industry.

Worm tea produced from worm castings is one of the best nutrients available for your plants in a hydroponic system. Worm tea is a rich substance derived from worm castings, diluted with water and has the advantage of being completely organic.

Worm castings for hydroponics can be combined with either spring or even tap water to produce your hydroponic solution. Another key benefit of using worm castings for hydroponics, is that worm castings provide long lasting and complete hydroponics nutrition. There is no risk of burning the roots of your plants, since this fertilizer is one hundred percent organic.

The great advantage of using compost worm castings for hydroponics, is that they incur no alterations whatsoever after being removed from the natural environment. This means that they mimic nature in the closest possible way. The minerals in the humus are transformed in passing through the worm’s body system. At the end of the process the nutrient rich castings are decomposed into more simple forms, well suited for hydroponics.

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