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Worm Farms

WormsRUs provide a range of Worm Farms for your domestic and commercial worm farm needs. Vermihut being America's favourite worm farm.

Worm farms are essentially a protected environment, typically set up for the nurturing of compost worms. Worm Farms are made up of perforated levels of plastic containers for the worms to move through, with a solid base.

Worm Farming is a more organised way to compost, allowing you use worm farms to produce nutrient rich worm castings. The base of Worm Farms accumulate liquid fertiliser that drains from above. A tap at the base, allows you to collect liquid fertiliser into a bottle. Worm Farms liquid fertiliser is fantastic for watering your pot plants, but needs to be diluted with water before using on plants. Quite simply, when you're looking for Worm Farms, look no further than WormsRUs, America's premier Worm Farms retail supplier.

Product Image Weight- Item Name Unit Price
The Worm Inn - Camo ( Stand Included ) 10

The Worm Inn - Camo ( Stand Included )

The Worm Inn - Camo ( Stand Included )


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