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WormsRUs Worms Sales Policy

Problems with worm quality after taking delivery, must be reported within 24 hours of taking possession of the worms. Please provide photographic evidence, in order to substantiate a claim. This is a condition of sale. We try to ship around the weather to avoid excessive heat or cold conditions for the worms. Click here for  Live Worm Delivery Policy.

Compost Worms help you reduce the amount of your green waste going to landfill, which can represent a significant part of your daily food waste. Compost Worms also turn your green waste into highly valuable worm castings, that you can spread over your garden to help feed your plants. This can save you spending money on costly chemical based plant and lawn fertilisers, that in the long term can actually upset the natural organic balance of your soil. Compost Worms typically live in a Compost Heaps, Worm Farms or Compost Bins. Yes indeed, the compost worm is an amazing little creature.

Quite simply, Compost Worms help save the planet, by helping reduce your greenhouse carbon footprint. Green waste that goes to land fill, can add to green house gas emissions as it breaks down. Using Compost Worms can help eliminate the greenhouse emissions produced from green waste as it decomposes, thus stopping these harmful emissions in their tracks.

WormsRUs has compost worm suppliers in all states listed. This helps ensure the speediest delivery at affordable prices and best possible product quality. We can typically ship compost worms direct to you within 5 business days of receiving your order. WormsRUs also supply a range of Worm Farms and Compost Bins for your Compost Worms.

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