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About Us

WormsRUs is America's favourite online mail order worm farming,  compost and organic garden product retailer. Near all of WormsRUs product suppliers, are based in the USA. The goal of WormsRUs if to promote the use of alternative clean green organic approaches to domestic household living at an affordable price. As the names says WormsRUs, or more explicitly, Worms Are Us !  This along with our great network of product suppliers, helps enable us to offer the best possible prices and best deals nation wide. 

Compost Worms are fundamental to life as we know it, playing a vital role in the recycling of organic matter. Managing all kinds of human generated waste is one of the big challenges facing us today. Compost Worms are a primary product that we provide our customers, to help promote this fundamental truth about the cycle of life and how it's meant to be. This truth underpins the importance of recycling what we produce, consume and dispose of,  in order to make life sustainable for ourselves, our future generations, our environment and all life in general. It's about giving back to mother nature, represented by all living things, great and small.

Did you know that about 50% of our domestic waste is green vegetable or food waste that can be composted and devoured by hungry compost worms and turned in beautiful organic garden soil, with all the natural microbial elements that make gardens and plants thrive ? Quite simply, compost worms are something most of us are familiar with, either directly or indirectly from watching our parents and grandparents in the garden.  Ah the good old days. Gardening the natural way using worm compost products, is far more beneficial to the long term health of your soil and plants, than using artificial chemical based fertilisers that can create a damaging imbalance in the biological makeup of your soil and plants.

WormsRUs offers its customers green solutions, that not only have great value and benefit, but also help save our planet. WormsRUs aims at providing the best prices on the market, whilst also providing good quality down to earth customer service.  WormsRUs is also able provide product and service advice, via referral through our trusted product manufacturers and growers network. 

WormsRUs works on the principle of a non combative holistic pricing model. This essentially means where possible, we endeavour to avoid competing or reacting to pricing in the market. Instead, our focus is simply on offering the best prices and deals USA wide all day, every day ! Best Prices and No Fuss ! 


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