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RIGA XL Extra Large Greenhouse


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Why Buy Riga Extra Large?

  • The RIGA is truly a greenhouse by the European definition of a greenhouse - designed to be used to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers in the middle of winter. While other so called “greenhouses” using less than 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate, are considered to be Season Extenders, to be used when only a slight night frost might be expected during the spring or fall season. At best they can only be used to house established plants during the winter season. The RIGA Extra Large – 16 mm polycarbonate - is the largest commercial quality hobby-kit type greenhouse now available in the country
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm, a leading manufacturer of commercial and hobby greenhouses, sunrooms, pavillions, pool covers, home additions, and commercial building, with 28 years experience.
  • For shelving options, see our other RIGA products.
  • The insulation factor is an incredible: R-2.0
  • With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the Riga is by far the strongest greenhouse of its size under $10,000.
  • The Riga XL offers 4 large roof windows - each with an automatic opener.
  • The Riga XL comes with 4 "L-shaped" anchor bars (which attach to the inside of the base profiles) to attach the greenhouse to a concrete or wood frame.
  • The polycarbonate glazing on the Riga is German made and believed to be of superior quality then the much more common Polygal or GE glazing.
  • One major advantage of the Riga's construction method is that the frame profiles are permanently attached to each other, and won't come loose over time due to wind pressures.
  • German engineering - guaranteed top quality!
  • The Riga comes with an optional two layer shelving system with removable shelf inserts. This allows for tall plants (beans, tomatoes etc.).
  • Optional shelving: suspended shelving without braces underneath – therefore allowing for more storage space ( i.e. for a cart, wheelbarrow or long tools). Currently only shelving up to 17’ (RIGA V) is available for the RIGA XL. See other RIGA sizes for shelving details and pricing.
  • Optional top shelf hangs forward – easier to reach, but also does not block outside light from reaching bottom shelf.
  • Both shelves use twin-wall polycarbonate as the insert (the flat part) material, allowing for much better and more even light distribution through the greenhouses. Most other types of shelving are dark structures which do not let light through – or very badly at best.
  • The RIGA is attractive and beautiful to look at – fits well in to an upscale garden setting
  • Buying a greenhouse is like buying a car, they vary in cost from cheap to very expensive, the RIGA is a class similar to a BMW/Mercedes – stronger, more durable and better insulated, and offers many more features than the better selling brands.
  • The RIGA XL offers the maximum possible insulation currently available in a real greenhouse requiring the least amount of energy for its size: ~20,000 BTU (depends on your climate).
  • Comes with DVD and written Assembly Instructions
  • Made in Germany


  • Extremely heavy duty construction
  • First-class insulation: R-2.0
  • Warranty: Triple Wall Polycarbonate: 10 years – prorated after 5 years.
  • Two wide doors - Horse Barn style - 38" wide x 72" high - 1 in the front one in the back
  • 16 mm UV coated TRIPLE-wall Polycarbonate Glazing
  • 10 MM twin wall polycarbonate in front & back walls for extra strength
  • Interior area 10’ wide x 20’ long has a minimum of 6 feet to 10 feet in ceiling height.
  • Assembly time: 2 to 3 people: 2 days.

  • 99999 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Exaco Trading Co.

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