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1 Pound of Compost Worms ( Red Wigglers )


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These species breed rapidly in ideal conditions and will eat anywhere from 50% to 100% of their own body weight every day. They all work happily together in your worm farm, doing their own little part in the compost heap to help breakdown all decomposed matter.

Compost worms can breakdown compost up to 10 times faster than traditional composting methods. We recommend not putting any food that is very acidic into the worms environment, whether it be a worm farm or compost heap with worms in it.

A handful of dolomite every couple of weeks added to your worm farm will neutralize acidity levels built up because most fruits and vegies have some form of acid in them. Compost worms can also be used for fishing. Even though they cant get to the sizes of scrub worms etc, they can still be used for other qualities they possess.

So rather than paying big dollars every time you went fishing for a little container of worms, why not start up your very own worm farm and never pay for worms again.

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